Linda creates your business portfolio by visiting and photographing businesses and corporations near Milwaukee to embody the “feel” and environment of a company. Boutique Photographer offers editorial, business portfolio, and headshot photography. See “Work” package pricing and contact us today for additional information!

Headshot, studio & location

Build your business portfolio


Personable headshots connect with your audience. Choose studio for a clean modern or classic
look that represents your work. Environmental headshots invite the viewer into a space
and create a comfortable reference to a business environment behind the phone calls and emails.

Studio Headshot

Professional & Social images in a 40 minute session
Choice of one background
Styling consultation provided, one or two outfits
Includes one retouched file chosen from an online proof gallery


Add another file with retouching @ $50 ea.

We All Need Headshots (for 3 or more people)

Invite the rest of the office to the studio
One background, one outfit in 15 min. consecutive sessions.
Choice of one background and styling consultation provided to reflect your brand.


Files are $50 Per person including retouching.

Location Headshot

Professional & Social images up to 60 minutes (additional time for prelighting may be required)
Choice of one setting
Styling consultation provided, one or two outfits
Includes one retouched file chosen from an online proof gallery


Add a person in the same setting $50 includes one file
Add another file with retouching @ $50 ea.

Business Package

Multiple environments, portraits, still lives and staff that represent your business.

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Interiors, Location Headshots, People at Work, Ambiance

Are you opening a new business or updating your website?
What’s your mission? A coffee table book could inspire your clients!
Seeking images for the perfect thank you gift to your customers?
Build your Business Portfolio and let clients get to know your business. Website photography is an opportunity to help customers get comfortable by visually suggesting the character of your business. Introduce your team, environment, details that reflect your services, as well as products in use.

Images for full branding, websites, print advertising, billboard, newsletters and social media.

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Linda is currently seeking Editorial assignments in S.E. Wisconsin.

If you have a travel opportunity for an embedded photographer please inquire!

Linda’s passionate in finding the shot that contextualizes the story for a single shot or a collection of images. She intuitively brings out the character of the people she photographs creating a comfortable rapport with executives, families, and artists. Versed in a variety of techniques, she chooses finessed lighting or photojournalistic immediacy to match the tone of the feature.

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