Linda Smallpage

It’s an Art,

an Art of Life.

Bio photo of Linda Smallpage behind the scenes at a photo studio.

that runs in the family

As a second generation photographer,

it's a life style I grew up with. Dad would pull prints from our home darkroom and dry them in the car to make press deadlines. On Sundays we'd find wedding cake in the bottom drawer of the fridge while he slept in. He's taught me generosity and a high standard of accountability my clients appreciate today. There aren't so many pictures of us because were always behind the camera but on a couple of treasured occasions we've worked side by side.

Photographer John Kimpel action portrait in black and white
Photographer Linda Smallpage action portrait in black and white
With a multimedia BFA, Linda has a trained artist’s eye for composition, orchestrating a photo, and the message it conveys. Aesthetic was once a favorite art school word, now it’s actually in the Urban Dictionary!

The OG

With a rigorous eye,
I'm watching all the elements to evolve the photo ops with you. I notice details like where your hair falls or maybe how relaxed you stand in between sets, ...we can use that! Working with people is always about the energy in the room, so there is no faking it!

Expect a Groovin' playlist
and experience my absolute love of what I do. No matter how enthusiastic you are about having your photo done, I'll share all of mine.
Besides being a skilled gear-head who's figured out how to make a living doing photography for my entire adult career, I appreciate all the opportunities to make awesome photos for you!
in the community
outside advertising photoshoot behind the scenes in black and white

milwaukee Magazine

Advertorial Specialist

Unbelievable, we're about to start the 8th year! The Faces of Milwaukee section grew exponentially with client enthusiasm for magazine - quality photography. We finished out 2023 with uniquely scheduled productions of full page ads for a record breaking 47 clients!

Other full page photography sections include: Women of Distinction, Tastemakers, Expert of the Month, and the Active Aging Guide.

commercial photography behind the scenes in black and white


Creative Mornings

editorial photographer

The Milwaukee Chapter of  the beloved breakfast lecture series is back for 2024! With the reboot, I joined the volunteer team and we launched the role of Editorial Photographer. Making portraits of the guest speakers who are incredible creatives is my dream project!




As one of the studios top working photographers I've been honored as an artist in residence at Milwaukee's luxury riverfront studio. It's one of my favorite places to work so it's good to feel like my art has a home there. Rental is by the hour, by appointment only so don't drop in, but definitely fill out the contact form to book fresh photos!

As seen in



Whitefish Bay, WI

Resident Photographer

Northern Lights Photo Studio, Milwaukee

by Appointment Only