jumps off

the page!

Ready to caption and deliver your message, an action-oriented approach to branding photography is designed for the person who drives the brand. For the service industry, a speaker, personality, or expert in their field, the photos' candid authenticity reaches beyond a pretty face.

If you’re still worried if one eyebrow is a little higher than the other, you’re probably missing out on some of that opportunity to engage. When you capture imagination and showcase your creativity, people will want to share that moment with you. You’ve probably heard you need to connect “the why” behind your brand. A high-energy photo shoot creates the verb, the action, and calls your audience to interact too.

How do

we do that?

Sounds intimidating on set if you don’t know all the dance moves? No worries, it’s a process with experienced photography direction. We start with a few things that work, repeat moves, and evolve them until your feeling confident and more spontaneous. Even for a portrait, it’s ridiculous how much the muscles of the face relax and look natural when people are moving and breathing. Pretty soon you’ll bring it on set with confidence and make a portfolio of compelling fresh photos that are inevitably true to you!

Learn how to include high-energy photos in your branding portfolio or your next photoshoot.

Features Jamar Jones of Relatable Marketing, who totally “Brings it!”



did an

amazing job

of capturing my authenticity as well as my facial expressions with great direction and made me feel comfortable on set. I would highly recommend Linda for branding photography! We will be using her for our team photos this year!